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Internships in HK

(Applicable to non-local students only)

With effect from 19 May 2008, the Immigration Department has implemented various new measures under the "Education Hub" policy. To effect the new measure, a "No Objection Letter" (NOL) will be issued to non-local students upon approval of their student visa/ entry permit, or extension of stay in Hong Kong, non-local students are obliged to observse the School's regulations on jobs and internships.

on-campus job
off-campus job
Term 1 Not Allowed* Not Allowed Not Allowed
Term 2 School’s Endorsement required;
Refer to Note 1 below
Not Allowed School’s Endorsement required;
Refer to Note 3 below
(June – August)
No endorsement required; Refer to Note 4 below

(*except for cases which the School needs particular support from students.)