Programme Overview


The MSc in New Media is a 1-year full time or 2-year part time taught programme that aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt in the changing world characterized by continuous technological innovation affecting industries and job markets. The curriculum gives students an overview of new media from an entrepreneurial management perspective with emphasis on the business and management aspects of the technology as well as the conception, design and development of multimedia applications and content.


Programme Goals

to provide graduates with a broad understanding in communication theories and the application of such knowledge to the design and development of new media contents;
to provide graduates with a good understanding of the social, economic, cultural, legal, and other implications of new media;
to prepare graduates to conduct content and audience research and apply this knowledge in designing strategic information campaigns using new media and giving out goal-directed recommendations;
to provide graduates with a technical know-how through hands-on training in multimedia design and development, and

to enable graduates to apply creative multimedia applications to solve business problems in training, sales presentations, and to communicate with employees and customers.