Alumni Voices

DING Yuanyuan (2019)

Marketing Specialist ANZ,
Stratasys AP Limited, Hong Kong

The one-year program is such an unforgettable memory after spending two years living and working in HK. The learning experience in New Media and CUHK was the booster for me to grow up fast. The professors were dedicated to guide and teach us, which is also the reason I insist staying and working here. 

From students to the workplace newbie, I've contributed most of the time to the marketing campaigns including digital marketing, content marketing, onsite event plan, etc. I would say I applied so much knowledge of what I absorbed from the program to my current job. 

Mencius said "So it is that whenever Heaven invests a person with great responsibilities, it first tries his resolve, exhausts his muscles and bones, starves his body, leaves him destitute, and confounds his every endeavor. In this way his patience and endurance are developed, and his weakness are overcome."

If 2019 was a tough year, 2020 is the toughest year I would say. Wish me and everyone's good luck!

HE Wenwei (2019)


For me, this year’s study is very valuable. The well-structured courses in the programme not only provide me with a theoretical basis but also rich and updated practical skills such as statistical analysis, writing code, data science, machine learning and so on.

The hardest part for me to forget in this year is working with team members on various projects, including website, APP, short video, campaign pitches, media report, etc. The help, ideas, and creativities I got from the top and kind professors, and the multi-background classmates, benefit me all my life. More than my previous academy, more than my former internship training, and more than everything else, the one-year experience in New Media programme define me as a person.

GAO Yifan Frank (2019)
Management Trainee of Consumer Business Group,
Huawei, Shenzhen, China.

It never occurred to me that within a short period of one year, New Media Program not only enabled me to gain a macro understanding of the industry, such as Internet products, Data Science, and 5G. I also gained a lot of practical skills, such as UI design, programming, and data analysis. Besides, I learned how to think like a product manager and meet the users' needs accurately.

In our school, You will never 'walk alone'.  Teachers help with individual assignments and group topics through e-mail and face to face meetings, they typically encourage different teams to get hands dirty and learn from doing. The team members will work together for the same goal and everyone is able to learn how to communicate, present their views, and execute.

If you want to excel in the Internet, ICT, and digital marketing industries, New Media program will be the best choice for you.


ZU Yangbo Bunny (2016)
Management Trainee Guosen Securities,
Shenzhen, China

Frankly speaking, a year before, the reputation of the School of Journalism and Communication drew me to this program. At that time, I had no idea that the well-designed course structure would greatly hone my transferable skills in critical thinking, data analysis, academic writing, teamwork, presentation techniques, etc., and even guide me to see the cutting edge technology and explore the world from a brand new angle. The most important thing is that I formed close-knit relationships with professors, teaching secretary and my fellow classmates. I’m really grateful to my professors who care about me on a greater level than just me as a student and want me to succeed, to the teaching secretary who always has my back, to my peers who team up together as a family.

WANG Chengfeng Chester (2016)
Assistant Analyst iResearch,
Beijing, China

During this one-year program, what makes me most grateful is that it provides diverse possibilities for each student. You can either be expert in new media industry including product design and digital marketing or step into the wonderful world of the academia; you can even take some courses focusing on sociology and politics, which inspires you to think about the modern society. New media is in flux. What we need to do is to keep learning and hold an open-minded attitude towards new things in order to suit the changing situations. And all of this should be started from what we did in this program: to look, to listen, and to think.

ZHANG Xinyi Yolanda (2016)

Fulfilling further study in New Media Program was a big fortune for me. It was still hard to believe, just within one year, I have read several hundred pages of literatures, finished an academic research independently, designed an app prototype based on understanding user experience, made a personal homepage with basic coding skills, shot several videos, conducted communication plans for brands, launched SEO campaigns, etc. Surely it was a comprehensive program combining theoretical research and practical operation, which also indicated going through the entire path was not so easy. However, the luckiest thing was, with the company of well-known experienced professors, warm-hearted faculty assistants and excellent classmates, I did have a great time here!

CHEN Di Dale (2015)
User Experience Research
TANGUX, Shenzhen, China

It was a fruitful year, it was a tough year. It was a year full of readings, surveys, and presentations, it was a year filled with progress and innovations. It is said that learning about new media is a difficult process to follow a moving target, but the systematic training in this program equips us with theoretical and logical thinking skills to analyze technologies, products, and devices from communication, business, and users aspects. And in this process all the research methods, presentation experiences, and teamwork skills learnt have prepared me for a professional development in the field of user experience research. It is a lesson from this precious year that any detailed contents will be forgotten, but the way to think and solve problems will be renewed by practice. Never be afraid of the future, things will be getting brighter and clearer when you walk a long way to reach the goal.

LIU Liping Piper
M.Sc. in New Media (2015)
Ph.D. Student (2015-)
Department of Communication Studies
Hong Kong Baptist University

I still remembered that in the first class we were asked about our plans for the future career. Some of my classmates had great passion in new media industry, and some aimed at academic research. Since we had different goals, we studied together and benefited greatly from each other. After a ‘tough’ year in this new media program, we have learned to navigate a rapidly changing media ecosystem by creatively using and integrating media and new technology. This program offers a solid grounding in both academic research and new media business, which provides us more flexibility for either further education or entering the workforce. No matter what we choose, I think that the most important thing is knowing exactly what we really want by using the knowledge we gained in this year.


MA Qianyun Shyron (2015)
User Experience Research
Alibaba, Hangzhou

This year’s study in CUHK is really important to me. The most important thing I learned here is to always keep my mind open and be patient. Before I came here, my knowledge about the Internet industry is limited, though I was planning to start my career in this field. Learning something new is not easy. Thanks to the intensive class projects and the patience of our teachers, gradually we learned how to design a research and do the analysis, how to find the useful things out of large amount of data, how to collaborate efficiently with others, and how to teach ourselves in the ever changing new media environment. You may get confused very often by new concepts, methods, data and many practical problems, but remember to keep an open mind and believe in new possibilities, you will get a lot of interesting experience and solid skills in this new field.

MIAO Bo Bonnie (2015)
User Experience Research
Alibaba, Hangzhou

Compared with the relatively relaxed schedule in mainland China during my undergraduate, the study in this program is busy, burdened, and beneficial. I found that I really learned plenty of theoretical and practical knowledge about new media. One year before, I could not believe that I could conduct theoretical research, design a smartphone App, or write an English paper with thousands of words. It is fantastic to find myself grew up so much in just one year. And of course there were frustrations and pressures. However, after accomplishing every task, the feel of gaining knowledge is great.



ZUO Xin Ann (2015)
International Researcher
Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Futures and Derivatives Research Company

Learning in the New Media program is not an easy job for me. The excellent professors and lecturers directed me to an unfamiliar while amazing world requiring long-term efforts to understand. The hardworking team members motivated me to do my best rather than lower standards and just made the assignments done. The well-designed curriculum equipped me with practical skills in digital industry as well as academic knowledge about Internet policy, communication patterns and new media effects. Though the past one year is tough and full of challenges, I went through it and gained not only insightful ideas but also a feeling of achievement.


CHEN Zhuo Fire
M.Sc. in New Media (2015)
M.Phil. Student (2015-)
School of Journalism and Communication
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sometimes you got to run before you learn to walk. Before I chose New Media, I couldn’t imagine that someday I could finish a 100-page reading task within 2 days, give an English presentation for half an hour, and conduct an academic research and come out with an interesting paper alone. All these unexpected scenarios happened during the whole program. To be honest, it is a tough program, which has endless assignments and presentations. However, at the end of the day, what you gain is also countless, e.g., knowledge, skill, creativity, insight… and of course, friendship.




CHEN Cheng Chris (2014)
M.Phil. Student (2015-)
School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK

I had no idea if you asked me one year ago: What is the experience of presenting your paper in an international academic conference?” But in May 2015, I had that unique experience because my postgraduate thesis was accepted for presentation by ICA held in Puerto Rico. I would say it is the biggest academic achievements I have made so far. Besides receiving the solid training in communication research design, I also learnt how to start a business in a class project. Cooperated with 5 other classmates, we developed an Internet product to solve the broken experience we had in real lives and we even got support from an organization. You could never imagine what this program would bring to you unless you take it. I will always be grateful to the course I took and the people I met in the New Media program, which is a lifelong fortune for me.

YUE Zhiying Zoe (2014)
Ph.D. Student (2015-)
Department of Communication
University at Buffalo, SUNY, U.S.A.

With the wonderfully diverse course offerings, New Media provides a precious opportunity for those who are interested in the media industry or media research to start their career. The systematic training in communication theories and research methods has built a solid foundation for academic research; the liberty to choose research topics of interest encourages you to explore diverse fields; the professional supervision ensures that you are always on the a right track; and the teamwork, helps you recognize your strength and weakness. This year I spent in CUHK is so rewarding, having confirmed my passion in this area and encourages me to step further.



CHAN Sai Ho (2013)
Web Planning Analyst
Hong Kong Jockey Club


The New Media program embraces a diversity of knowledge from communication theories to best practices and strategies of new media implementation in various industries. Here, I realize the roles of novel information technologies and innovations in our life, and how to leverage them to open up any new possibilities. This macro and holistic perspective makes me capable of standing in the cutting edge. And this program encourages creativity which is one of the important elements of being "new"! Undoubtedly, I do have great fun here!



ZHAO Mengyang Zoe
M.Sc. in New Media (2013)
M.Phil. in Communication (2015)
Ph.D. Student (2015-)
Department of Communication, University of Washington, U.S.A.

"The beauty of encountering CUHK lies in the possibility to embrace a wider world. The MSc in New Media programme not only offers you instructive courses, but also endows you the ability to think critically in the digital age. A year ago I was only a senior student worrying about how to write English proposals, but now I’m preparing to present in the international conference. Although one year can by no means make me mature enough to tackle any problem, it’s a platform to know the basic structure of the industry and fundamentals of methodology, offering me various opportunities to embark on future career and research."


BIAN Mengwei Casey (2012)
Research Executive
Millward Brown, Shanghai, China

Studying new media in CUHK is one experience that I will never forget. The one-year program let me know many practical knowledge about new media which helps me stand out during the job interviews with some Fortune 500 internet firms given I'm talking the same “language” and sharing similar knowledge and methodologies with the companies. Furthermore, the program also helps me build interest in academic research, which not only let me conduct a research, present it in international conference, and get it published in a SSCI journal with the guide, supervision and kind help from Prof. Louis, but also give a chance to serve as a reviewer for a SSCI journal. I definitely gain far more than what I expected from CUHK!


MO Ruo (2012)
Research Assistant (2012-2015)
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai, China
MBA Student (2015-)
IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

Experience in the New Media program is a valuable treasure in my life. It let me understand what new media is and how it works. As a psychology student, it provided me an opportunity to develop from a basic discipline to a more applied discipline. The professor here guided me to study new media from a socio-psychological perspective. Moreover, the program helps me to accumulate research experience and to polish analytical thinking skills. The supervision of the director makes it possible for me to conduct a research and present it in international conference. Through such experience, I gradually realized what my strong point is and where my heart locates. In this sense, New Media program was acting as a role that showed me the way for the future.




WU Xuan Doris (2012)
PhD student in New Media studies, National University of Singapore

The year I spent in CUHK is a dramatic turning point not only for my career but also for my whole life. I was a Swahili Translator working in Africa, however, thanks to this program, I successfully stepped into a completely new world. I do appreciate this program as it provides such a wide range of practical and well-designed courses which are quite helpful for students to gain relevant skills and insights. To my surprise, this program also provides many opportunities for those who may be interested in academic research. The cutting-edge courses, professional and responsible tutors as well as their rich experiences make us really confident about the future jobs. For me, choosing new media program is absolutely the best decision I ever made, and I believe for students who want to work in such a promising industry, this program will never disappoint you.

CHEN Kejie Tara (2011)
Game Operation Assistant (Intern), Tencent Technologies Ltd (Shanghai)

I didn’t expect the past one year could bring me so much. It ignites my passion for the internet industry, arms me with logical thinking skills as well as professional knowledge, and also offers a chance to make friends with brilliant peers. This project has opened a door of a new and exciting world for me. A year ago, as a graduate majoring in a foreign language, I faced limited and more importantly unappealing job choices. But now I could work in an industry where every day expects new stuff, where young people work together for dreams, regardless of stereotyped rules. This project cannot cultivate one into an expertise in such a short time. Instead it teaches the core methodologies and analytical skills, which is quite vital for the further development of my career.



LI Muyang Maria (2011)
Ph.D Student in Sociology, State University of New York at Albany

If you are interested in media industry or media study, no matter what you are looking for, it can be found in New Media programme, which provides students with a flexible, multiple course option. Instead of impart knowledge, professors never teaches without challenging the students. They catalyze a burning desire to know and make students apply what they have learned to practice. For those who want to pursue scholastic achievements, this programme will help them build a solid research foundation. Directors here are nice but very strict; study resources here are rich but only for the people who are looking for it. Help will always be given at CUHK to those who ask for it, and New Media programme will open doors and create opportunities for those who deserve.


TAN Minqi Vicky (2011)
City Planner, Gaopeng Shenzhen

The year I spent in CUHK is a most precious memory in my life. I will remember all the classes that we learnt the diverse and advanced knowledge of new media industry, all the professors that devoted their heart to cultivating us with their thought and philosophy, and all the nights that I sit with my teammates striving for the projects. Of course, there's much more than this. I made friends with all the intelligent and kind-hearted classmates that come from different regions or countries. I read books that inspired me of creativities, entrepreneurship, and strategic thinking. I traveled around Hong Kong, experiencing the spirit of this "Asia's world city". Now the short 1 year study flew away, but the memory is still fresh, and all the knowledge, experience and friendship that I gained will stay forever.



WANG Xinyun Zoe (2011)
Assistant Product Manager, Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited

One year ago, I was just a graduate from Communication and Journalism School, curious about business of Internet. New Media programme just qualified me as a PM ready to go. On one hand, endless group projects curved most practical methodology in my mind; on the other hand, you cannot but be familiar with the rhythm of teamwork. Believe it or not, new media will infiltrate into every pore of life in the near future. How to seize the every detail need in the market and how to interpret it into an astonishing necessity like Facebook is never an easy job. I am just a novice myself.

WU Rongjing Maggie (2011)
Lecturer, Radio & Film College at Chengdu University of Technology

The one-year in CUHK is an important turning point of my life. I think living here and learning how to study out of class is a more crucial mission. The master program here is quite different from the ones in mainland. You may like a fish out of water at first. But as soon as you get used to it, you can find another new world. And in this world, you can teach yourself, which is what I am doing now in Radio & Film College of Chengdu University of Technology.


XIE Mengting Derek (2011)
Product Designer, Alibaba (China) Technology Co.,Ltd.

Internet is a young but fascinating industry. This industry, where "people can make money without groveling" brings miracles to our world everyday. I really appreciate the New Media program of CUHK paved a solid path for me to the gate of internet industry. The New Media program have taught me how to be a qualified project manager, how to cope with the ever-changing new media ecology, and how to integrate what we have learned, especially research methodology in social science into industry practice. In CUHK, I have learned how to excavate the core in vast amount of data, what innovation really is, and, most importantly, why should we be critical. In one word, the days I spent in CU are very very beautiful. Thanks to my professors and friends. Wish to see U all in November.

YUAN Qingyun Bella (2011)
Product Manager, Tencent Inc., Shenzhen

Last August, I flied to Hong Kong to start my post-graduate education in CUHK. A year later, I became a product manager in an IT company. It is the New Media program that helped me to find my true interest for career. With the help of many erudite professors and talent classmates, I was equipped with abundant knowledge from technology, user experience, business mindset to analytic skills. I’ll always remember the papers we read and wrote in the midnight, the projects and presentations we finished as a united team, as well as, the enjoyable time we spent together. Those precious memories are the wealth of my long life. If you were thirst for new media knowledge, if you were considering about becoming a part of this program, do not hesitate. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

ZHANG Xin Sid (2011)
M.Phil Student, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK, HK

Drawing on diverse perspectives and methodologies, New Media program provides a golden opportunity to career transition for those who lose directions in media industry. It’s interdisciplinary in nature; you will receive broad-based education and training in both academic research and professional coursework. During the one year intensive studies, you would never forget the moments of conquering many reading materials, incessantly discussing on design, development and potential business models for your new media products, staying up late writing papers and encouraging with group members, typing data into SPSS and feeling happy when getting your data charts, and more. You must be wondering if you need multiple hands and brain to handle so much. Just keep curious and creative with the help of dedicated professors, lecturers, and staff, you would gain more than expectation, one of which might be a well paid job position, and friends for life.

ZHANG Yi Evonne (2011)
Reporter of Foreign Affairs, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po

This program provides great insights into digital marketing and advertising. It opens me a door to the business world. You need to challenge a bundle of new concepts and technologies in short time, but they are interesting. I still remember what Bernard said: “you don't have to be professional in every field, but at least you should know it. You won't be a good product manager if you totally have no idea about what your team members are doing. ” Jump out of the circle and see what others are doing is always important.





ZHAO Wenyuan Kevin (2011)
Associate Consultant
Forrester,Beijing, China
Burson-Marsteller, Beijing

We are all told that "chance favors the prepared mind". The New Media program helped me well-prepare for a different and brand new career path. I used to be a journalist and now working in a technology market advisory company. The lectures, class discussions and group projects all together provided me insightful ideas into the new media industry development, innovation diffusion, and entrepreneurship. More important is that this program improved my analytic skills, research ability, as well as business mindset. The resources in Chinese University of Hong Kong is definitely world-class, but the only thing is how much self-driven power do you have?



HUANG Jingmei Melaie (2010)
Commentary System Operator, Guangzhou Asian Games Broadcasting Company Limited

Many people might question what can one possibly learn in the 1-year MSc in New Media program. My experience is that there were so many inspiring and precious things for every moment I spent during the past year. New media teaches me a new approach to think about things, a new approach to look at the media industry as well as work. This program guided me around the media world, and offers lots information that inspire me to carry on with continuous learning, in-depth understanding, and more importantly, the way to post questions. Eventually, for me, the inspirations have brought me to a new stage, specifically, in my future career and my future study. If you are interested in the media industry and innovative things, I believe that is your valuable chance.

GUO Chenjing Sheila (2010)
Executive Assistant, Hong Kong Social Enterprise Incubation Centre Limited (HKSEIC)

Before I came to CUHK, I was a simple engineering student, who contact with programming, circuit, and signal such boring technology things all day. After I got involved in the new media program, I started to learn the total different knowledge about people, about daily life, about community, about the whole world, that is, social science. It makes me think deep about the relationship between technology and society in this rapidly developing world, which greatly enrich my insight about engineering. Besides, business-related courses provided me precious opportunities to systematically study the business models, market analysis methods, entrepreneurship operation, finance planing, and even presentation skills. Other valuable experiences for me in the New Media programme were the pure academic projects, which let me fully appreciate that study is a fantastic process, especially when you encounter the problems you are truly interested in, when you excitedly find the match through the books, and when you work out a perfect result after long-term efforts. I am so fascinated with this sense of accomplishment in research. Hope you can enjoy the fruitful study in the New Media Program.

ZHOU Xingyuan Selina (2010)
Branding Agent, Marketing Dept., Netease

The New Media program provides a fresh and solid education, from new media projects managements, new media product development to digital marketing planning, to prepare well-rounded and thoughtful students for new media industry. I am really fortunate and grateful to be part of this one-year program. Apart from the professional knowledge I have learned, the cooperation spirit that grew in me when developing new media applications, the persistence that bolstered me when I was struggling for my thesis, as well as the outstanding peers and professors I met in this program, all provided precious and unforgettable experiences. No matter where I am and what I am doing, the days in CUHK should be a beautiful, memorable and delightful experience for my whole life ever.






FENG Xin (2010)
Product Manager, Tencent Inc., Shenzhen

"No matter whether you have made up your mind to work in the noticeably promising industry or to pursue a higher degree in communication or related subjects, the MSc in New Media Programme at CUHK shall serve as a more-than-perfect option. Considering how many papers one might have to read and write, and how many great and honorable competitors one needs to face and live with, this programme is never a piece of cake. I remember that one knowledgeable professor stresses to me again and again: Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence, and nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. You need to be prepared for this."

SONG Linheng (2010)
Chief editor, FUNboxx, Ltd.

In the New Media programme, you not only can pursue your academic dream, but also arm yourself with very practical job skills because in here you can find knowledgeable academic masters and the excellent CEO at the same time! The most important thing is that you will learn to open your eyes to look at the whole world here. Teachers always give us the newest information and make us think about it first and not just wait for the answers. I now know how to think independently. I think that is enough!


ZHU Xincan (2010)
Graphic Designer, Sino United Publishing (Holding) Ltd.

For those who have dreams for media industry; for those who have passion for new things; for those who are excited about challenges; for those who are crazy for technologies; for those who are innovative, and for those who are eager for the communication with great scholars, I would say this is the right place for you.

I'm not saying this new media program can show you a brand new life or give you whatever you want for your career. However, this program can serve as a "door" for you. If you are sincerely want to do something in new media industry, then why not give yourself a chance to see what's behind this door?


SIU Kiu San John (2009)
Senior Digital Artist, Centro Digital Pictures, Ltd. Lecturer, HKU SPACE

Despite a full time job at Centro for eight years and my part-time teaching at HKU SPACE, I completed the MSc in New Media program without any stress and pain in two years because the workload is reasonable and flexible.

The World is Flat is my first book that is a very nice reading. Superior lecturers provide interactive lectures and tutorials for us. This master program let me know more about exciting new media technologies and their history. Unlike other master programs, the New Media program deals with a "moving target." Thus, students and teachers have to keep updating their knowledge of new media.

I have worked in computer animation and visual effect for over 8 years. For my current career, this course gives me lots of ideas for research that boost my idea of animation and the channel of presentation. This course brings me back to school life and expands my interpersonal networks. It is an amazing and a unique master program.

ZHANG Yue Sylvia (2009)
PhD Student, Beijing University, China

Academic or professional, no matter what disciplines you want to enter in your career life, New Media helps you realize your dream. With CUHK as the backup force, the program provides me great opportunities to take classes from, discuss, and do researches with the best communication scholars in Asia. The directors strictly trained me to meet a high academic qualification; but also, they respected my originality, kindly encouraged me, and appreciated my effort and improvement. What I've learned are more than just knowledge or method, but a kind of indispensable spirit to engage in research. The New Media program prepared me to step into the academic world. Even after graduation, it still supports me and I am proud of my achievement. I believe the program would always exert positive influence in my career life.



GU Yingneng Wing (2009)
HR Specialist, Sun Yat-sen University

I became a student of the New Media program in September 2009. The program was quite tough because what was taught was so “new.” However, the life in New Media was rather enjoyable. The teachers of this program are experts of their fields—Louis, John, Bernard, Ringo, Karie, Jack, and Mr. Chan Hing Yuen. And I have learned one particular thing from all these different teachers – to develop my own idea of the course. There is no absolutely right or wrong here. The most important thing is one gets his own view to understand what the new media is. I can still apply this to my career when I graduated. No matter what kind of jobs, it will always call for my own opinion of it. I am proud to be a student of the program and looking forward to meet the knowledgeable teachers and lovely classmates again at the 10th Anniversary in coming December.




WAN Sisi (2009)
Loyalty Marketing arvato (a company of Bertelsmann) Beijing, China

Choosing the New Media PG program was really a right desicion for me. New Media helped me a lot in my work and enhanced my ability in my career development. My job in HK was in the PR industry, in which the ability in communication was very important. My study experience and knowledge in new media satisfied the needs in the diverse field of communication. This, definitely, met the reqirements of my clients. What's more, the course New Media Entrepreneurship gives me insights, encouragement and confidence to explore my business plan and hopefully help to realize my own business dream.


WAN Weijie Effie (2008)
Director Assistant, Handmade Films

The one year study is a stop in my life journey. I stopped to learn, to enjoy, to experience, to grow, and to get fully ready to go on with life. Sometimes I'm still puzzled in the world of new media vs. traditional media. But, haha, puzzle forces me to do more thinking and creating. New media is a magic world; you will never know what the next step is. It's interesting, isn't it?


ZHANG Jiajing Naomi (2008)
Marketing Executive, Pandachip Limited

Though it has been only one short year, Chinese University witnessed much of my improvement and provided me lots of opportunities to polish myself. I've participated in Vice-Chancellor Cup Competition (VCCE) in Entrepreneurship and got the 3rd place with my other team members. That's why later we got a chance to present our business plan in San Diego in the U.S. We can go mostly because of the New Media program's financial and tutorial support. We really appreciate that. To express my feelings now, I have to say that it is the most rational decision to have come and learned at CU--not only because of the incomparable beautiful campus, but also that you'll make a big step forward when looking back. Trust me!



XUE Qiang Michael (2008)
Lecturer, School of Journalism and Communication, Guangxi University


New Media program is really amazing. I have some suggestions to the following students, especially to the students who come from the Mainland: First, Hong Kong’s education is very different from the Mainland, so you must learn how to do group work and presentation. Second, there are many famous professors in CUHK. They are not only have tremendous knowledge, but also very kind to students. For example, Prof. Louis is very patient and friendly, I am sure you will learn a lot from him.

Finally, whatever you do in the future, to be a business man or continue the academic research, please read more readings when you are in school. In CUHK’s library, there are many English reading materials, and from these books you will get knowledge and wisdom which will help you in your whole life.


ZHOU Xiaosi Sophie (2008)
Website Editor & Marketer, Ningbo Newspaper Publishing Group

This program gives me far more than I can say. To make it simple, it changed my way of thinking and life. I will never forget the colorful life during the program: erudite professors, wise lecturers who are experts in real business, tough projects, and the sense of achievement after presentations, group work spirit, etc. If possible, I really wish to go on further study.



LIU Shuopei Charles (2008)
Media Relationship Senior Manager, Tencent (

New Media Program is not about knowledge or skills training, but about mind updating. In the new media world, knowledge and skills are way too much to learn. However, only your mind will lead you to keep pace with the new media trend. So if you really want to update your mind, please join the MSc in New Media program at CUHK. This is the starting point of my dream, I hope it will be yours too.


ZHANG Yixin Jo (2007)
Senior Web Planning Analyst, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

This program stresses the international dimensions of media, values the growing interest of Internet industry, and meets the urgent need for design and development skills. Through it I had an overview of new media industry, as well as the insight into business implementation of new media technologies. The curriculum is diverse and practical, which provides me many opportunities to meet the professionals in the industry and inspires my creative thinking. Various projects also equip me with project management skill - well prepare me for the coming challenge in career life.

HUANG Hanyun Belinda
MSc in New Media (2007)
PhD in Communication (2011)
Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication Xiamen University

New media program provided us with two magic keys. One is for us to enter into fascinating new media industry—we learned from and interacted a lot with lecturers who are elites in real new media business. The other key is for us to step into new media research field. Helpful professors led us all the way in doing new media researches, and we were also encouraged to take part in both local and international conferences. After I did my new media project with Prof. Louis Leung, I made up my mind to step further in doing exciting new media research.



XU Chenyan Bibby (2007)
Assistant Professor
Computer Science & Information Systems Program School of Business
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

New Media is an amazing program. No matter what background you have -- computer science, communication, or business -- and no matter what your future plan is -- entering into new media industry upon graduation, or pursuing a higher degree thereafter -- you can get your own benefits from it.

As for me, I really appreciate the past one-year studying experience. First, it equipped me with the ability to conduct research. After I finished my own new media project with the guidance of Prof. Louis Leung, academic field suddenly is no longer mysterious and intangible for me. Second, it infused fresh and inspiring ideas for my future research. Third, it provides me with new perspective regarding new media product development and evaluation -- a perspective I had never known before. I still remember the words Prof. Bernard stressed on over and over again, “… please put yourself in the shoes of the customers when initiating a product or service.” Moreover, over the past year, I think I am so lucky to get acquainted with many new friends from various areas because they tell me the outside world is really wonderful.

HUANG Wei Sunson (2007)

This comprehensive programme equipped us with abundant knowledge on the new media from technology, business to the user experience. It not only helps us to understand what the new media industry is but how to start a new media business as well. This is a course with the perfect combination of theory and practice. as Professor Bernard said:"I like theories, but I'd better like to apply those theories into the real practice, that's why I am here, I am a university professor and a businessman as well..."







SO Yuen Han Bonnie (2006)
Head of International & Relief Service, Hong Kong Red Cross

Occupying with the huge relief operation for the South Asia Tsunami, I have spent three and a half years on this 2-year's course. The M.Sc. in New Media has enriched my knowledge in new information technology and stimulated me to work creatively. I remember Bernard Suen, a part-time lecturer said, "As a senior management person, you don't need to set up a website on your own. However, you should equip yourself with knowledge in new media in order to communicate with and inspire your colleagues."





QUAN Lu Carol (2006)
AdWords Senior Representative, Google (Greater China)

The New Media program at CUHK opens my eyes to a whole new world, which is changing dramatically by the influence from media convergence, digitalization and mobilization. What I have learned here is not only the development roadmap of media world, but also how these new phenomena changing our daily life, the root reasons why they appear and even what the future direction will lie.

The curriculum is also practical and business oriented. Opportunities to meet the experts and enterprisers in the industry, projects to understand the relationship between media & consumer behavior or to design a cool application, all of which equip me many useful skills in my career, e.g., project management, team work, and presentation skills, etc.

Of course, the learning procedure is full of fun and surprises. Parties and gathering of professors and classmates are still fresh in my mind. And it is valuable to make friends with people from different background & industries.

New is relative, so mind is necessary to keep updated & refreshed.

LI Nangai Zach (2006)
Air China Media & Advertising Company

Honestly, the study experience in CUHK, New Media program, was a precious period of time in my life.
It brings a lot of knowledge and confidence to me.
It is fashion.
It is ahead of other people.
It is development.
It is to look into the future.
It is surrounding as well as inside our technology.
It is learning experience.
It is fun.
It is everything...
Now, I work at Air China Media & Advertising Company. Air China is our major advertising client. My job is to shoot and edit TV programs that will be broadcasted on board of Air China flight. Of course, some will be air on home TV. We deal with all the advertising stuffs, promotional events, and all media on board, including magazines, newspapers, TV programs and AVOD (Audio and Video On Demand).


LO Wai Yu Olivine
M.Sc. in New Media (2006 CUHK)
Ph.D. in Communication (2014 CUHK)
Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

I always look forward to coming to classes even after a long hard working day. The lectures and interaction with classmates, who come from different sectors, are stimulating and inspiring.