For general admission questions to the School of Journalism and Communication, please refer to the details HERE (PDF download).

Programme Specific Questions:

Q1. Will the classes be taught in English, Putonghua or Cantonese?

A1. All required courses except the Chinese News Writing and Reporting classes are taught in English, whereas elective courses are taught mostly in English or Cantonese. Students who do not understand Cantonese can complete the program through taking the English News Writing and Reporting classes and the English-language elective courses. But understanding of spoken Cantonese would be much preferred and could broaden the choices of electives. For students who want to take the Chinese News Writing and Reporting classes, understanding of spoken Cantonese is required.

Q2. What are the programme characteristics of Journalism?

A2. This programme is designed to provide both professional and academic training about journalism to people from a wide variety of background. We have flexible curriculum for both students with or without journalism training or working experience. Students graduating from universities not majoring in journalism and communication who nonetheless are interested in a career in journalism could learn the basic techniques and knowledge in the field. Working journalists who need to deal with the media could also benefit from the intellectual training so as to deepen their understanding of journalism.